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We're always listening to our clients' suggestions on how we can make AVR better, and always doing our best to accomodate. Below are just a few of our satisfied customers' testimonials. Hopefully we can get your testimonial once you see for yourself what avr is all about!
  1. Kate Davidson
    I love AVR! They were very knowledgeable, and every time I wasn't sure about some detail, they took their time to explain everything to make sure I was happy and comfortable.
  2. Walter Leonard
    The first time I needed to have a repair on my rental vehicle, I thought it was going to be a messy situation. AVR took care of me beyond my expectations. They even gave me another SUV to drive while my rental was in their shop! Great work guys! Will definitely recommend their service!
  3. Paul Christian
    I wanted to get myself an suv, but when I inquired about it they said they didn't have any. I thought I was going to have to wait forever, but to my surprise they called me in about a week saying they had the one I wanted ready for me. Great customer service guys! Keep up the good work!
  4. Jennifer Fields
    I wasn't sure if I should buy a new car or go with these guys, but after some consideration I decided to go with AVR. They had the minivan I wanted, and it'll be mine after just 3 years! What?! Love this company! I wish I had known about them sooner!
  5. Debbie Williams
    I was in a situation when my car died and I couldn't buy another one since I was going to be buying a house the following year and couldn't have a car loan on my record. Needless to say, AVR came thru for me and now I have the house I always wanted and the car I've always wanted! Would definitely recommend these guys!
  6. Wong Lee
    I was looking for a car to lease but found these guys instead. Not only did they get me the type of car I was looking for, but it's mine after 3 years no questions asked. Love AVR!
  7. Marta Hernandez
    I came to AVR looking for a minivan with 3 rows but they didn't have one at the time. They offered me an SUV but that's not what I wanted. I left them my info but kept shopping around. I didn't even have a chance to see any other vans when they called me with the van I was looking for. Great job AVR! Loving my new minivan!
  8. Kara Stiverson
    I wanted a large suv to fit all my grandchildren. They had a huge Yukon XL Denali for me that I just fell in love with. It had all kinds of options I didn't even expect, and it just swallows up my whole family with room to spare. And now I'm the cool Grandma! Thanks AVR!